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Tuesday, July 8, 2014
He warned her about the book when she went to pick it up, but she did not care she liked the look of it. She soon bought it and took it to her house and started to read the book. From the moment, she started to read the book she felt drawn to the book as if she has been living just to read this book. The book started out about how the world might end and the weird things that might happen. Then it went into talking about plants and a new world, one that seem to be very different in a place that might exist in the future. She loved how descriptive the book was about the buildings and how everything would be. She was so drawn into the book. Then when she put down the book and looked up for the first time since she started to read the book, she noticed that things were different in her room. She got out of her bed and looked around she went to the window and looked out and to her surprise, she was looking out at the city that she was reading about. The city had walls put up all around the city. The city was like a circle, and the buildings were so tall. In the middle of the city was a dome that had steam coming out of it. Brianna was in shock she is within the book. She is in the future.

She walked out of her room and walked out into the kitchen. The TV was like a piece of paper so then, and it covered the wall. Brianna remembered that there were these contacts everyone had to wear to go anywhere. The contacts are like a computer and a GPS. The contacts are how you know who is who without asking them. It also allows the government to know where you are at all times and also allows help to get to you quicker if you are in emergency. Brianna went to her room and looked around and right on the dresser was the contacts she put them on and right when she did she could see a bit better. She looked at the book and read a bit more. She found out that the city is not what it seems it might look like a great place to live, but it is not. The people work 17 hours a day. People are on a waiting list to see a doctor and people that do see a doctor must have a lot of money because the bill for having a doctor is extremely high. Children start school at the age of 7, and they are forced to go live at the private arena which is not in the city it is a few miles outside of the city, but it is like the city. Kids go to school for 14 years. Brianna stopped reading and went to the living room and sat down in the couch. She looked out of the windows, and she could see the whole city.

Brianna got up and went to the door and left she took the elevator which was all glass you could she the ground below you and everything around you as well. She was on the 45th floor. She got to the first floor; she could find her way around the lobby. She then left the building and walked outside. She saw riots and people living on the streets. She found out that the world went wrong when a scientist was trying to make plants grow faster, and the chemical fell onto plants during an earthquake and plants all around the world was effected once it got into the atmosphere. When she got back to her bedroom, she went to her book and when she opened it, a flash of light came out and when she opened her eyes, she was back in her own world.

Eight years after Brianna was in a meeting; she is a scientist who studies plants. A man was wanting to give a preview of what he has created to help plants. A guy came out and he said, “Hey this is a thing me and my team has been working on for a few years. We have created a special chemical that will make plants grow four times faster.” Right when he said that she had a huge flashback. She stood up and asked if he has done studies in private rooms. He denied that he has done that and his supervisor said he could do that before showing it to people. Brianna went to her flat and went to her room and found the book she had since she was a little child. She opens the book and quickly closed it. Thought of the book was going threw her head. She could not think that she had a chance to change the future.

By: Jerome Simar