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Wednesday, November 12, 2014
The kiss the act of love. The moment where time not only freezes around you, but almost does not excise. Kiss of passion between two people who are completely and underlie in love with each other and full of passion that they can’t stop. This happens when two people male, female, gay, straight, Bi. Love is love no matter who it is with and a kiss between two people is beautiful no matter who they are.  Love is confusing sometimes, but in the end it is one of the most amazing things we humans will know. So go on and keep kissing whoever you love there is nothing wrong with it.
Friday, November 7, 2014
You came into my life not expecting much but we grew on each other and my heart grown for you. We talk about everything and I soon liked our talks. Now you are gone absent in my life now. You made a place in my heart and now without you there is a hole. A hole which I don’t know what to do about. It is hard to talk to people about us but I must write to get it out of me. I fell hard for you something I hardly ever do. No since we can’t talk all I have to hold on to you is my memories but remembering you hurts. I guess I have to say good bye for now but I hope that we will people to meet and talk to each other again.