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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Reese went running into an abandon building to hide from the guys that have been after him. They have been hunting him down for years and now they just have found him. He hit his hand on an old rusted pole and cut his hand. He kept running, forgetting the blood dripping off his hand. He knew the building like the back of his hand because he has lived there for a few months. Hoping he could call this his home. He reached the roof and when he did, he went over to get ready to jump and he heard the men burst through the door to the roof. The held up their guns and got ready to shoot him. He closed his eyes and looked at his watch and then he just disappeared. When Reese opened his eyes, he was on top of the same building, but it was different, so is the town around him he did not move places but time. He moved into the future a few years. He looked at his watch and it started to adjust itself, he moved four years into the future. Reese is a special time traveler and the men that are after him are as well but they want Reese dead. Reese can move into the future and into the past. Moving into the past is hard sometimes because things change over decades like clothing and technology. Reese use to be apart of a group that protects time makes sure things happen the way it should go. Reese found out not only are they doing that, but they also control the amount of technology allowed to be released over time. Reese is helping get technology out there to help people.