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Sunday, July 6, 2014
Aiden knew he could not tell his friends and his family his secret. The thought of them finding out would be horrible. Aiden wish everything could just go back the way it was. He is on the track team and if they found out they would never look at him the same anymore. Aiden went to a party and the secret will soon be exposed and things soon change for him. Aiden laughed at the jokes his friends made and drank but he kept looking at someone across the room, his friends thought it was a girl but it wasn’t it was a guy. After a few minutes the guy noticed and came over to Aiden and kissed him. Someone who saw took a picture.

Three days after the party his father found out and started to yell at him. “Are you a fucking queer? I will never have a queer living under my roof!”

"Fine I am!" Aiden yelled. Aiden’s mother was standing watching and crying. Aiden packed his stuff and left that night. He left to go to his friends place the only who will still talk to him. That night he was tortured by all the things his father said he checked his cell phone His dad left him a message saying "You will no longer go to school. You will go to a special place to help you. You will not come to any family events until you are cured of that sickness." Aiden started to cry and left and went to the roof of the building and left a note and jumped.

By: Jerome Simar