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Saturday, August 16, 2014
Tammy came home from school to hear the sounds of his parent's fighting. She was happy to tell her parents; she won two awards from school. When Tammy walked into her house, and the sound of her parents flooded the house. Tammy went into the kitchen where her parents were they stopped fighting, and she handed them the awards; she won that day at school. Tammy's dad and mother both looked at her. “Honey go to your room, your mother and I need to talk.” Her father says to her. Tammy hands them the papers and her father takes them and sets them down without even looking at them. He then points to Tammy's room to go to. Tammy turns and walks to her room with her head held down. She does not understand why they are mad she just won three awards at school today. When she closes her door, she hears her parents go back at fighting again. She gets on her bed and starts to cry. No matter what she do her parents fight either about money or something else. She feels as if it is all her fault that they are fighting.
“I wish I could go somewhere else and never hear them fight” She tells her stuffed bunny. Then she starts to see weird light coming from her closet. She sees light coming from the bought of the door arrange of all different colors. Then she starts to hear music coming from the door as well very soothing calming music. She got up and wanted to tell her parents about it, so she went to her bedroom door and looked out and her parents she yelled for them.
“Honey in a minute just play with your toys.” Her mother yelled at her. She closed her bedroom door and went over to her closet, which still had colorful light coming from underneath the door. She could hear the music coming from inside. She went to her bed and grabbed her bear and went to the closet door. When she touched the doorknob, a warm feeling came over her. She slowly opened the door and when it was fully open, she was looking at a field of flowers and a castle also she could see other kids running around having fun. She walked in, and she stepped foot into the flower field. Right behind her the door closed and disappeared.
Then a person in a bunny suit  came up to her and said, “Welcome young girl I will show you around this place of happiness. My name is Benny the Bunny” He took her hand and walked with her through the field of flowers. He showed her to all the children that was playing in the fields.
“I love this place but I need to go back home to my mom and dad.”
“This is your new home now.” He told her. She followed him as they headed to the castle.
After her parents stopped fighting they both thought it was way to quit in their daughter’s room, so they both went to her room to check on her. She was not in her bed, and the closet door was closed. They went to open the closet to see if she was hiding in there. When they opened it, a very bad potent smell came out and on the floor was tons of dead flowers and a mask of a bunny. The father quickly dialed the police. The mother bends down trying not to gag from the smell and picks up the bunny’s head on the inside of the head is a name. “Benny the Bunny” she says out loud. Then a cold breeze out of nowhere feels the room. The father tries to take a picture of the head, but his phone dies before he could take a picture. The mother was so much pain not knowing where her daughter is she busted out crying and sobbing for her daughter. When the police arrived, they also tried to take a picture of the mask but their cameras all went dead or malfunction. After a day, the head disappeared, and they still could not take a single picture of the head.

Tammy is still playing in the field of flowers and enjoying herself and having lots of fun with her new friends.