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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Reese went running into an abandon building to hide from the guys that have been after him. They have been hunting him down for years and now they just have found him. He hit his hand on an old rusted pole and cut his hand. He kept running, forgetting the blood dripping off his hand. He knew the building like the back of his hand because he has lived there for a few months. Hoping he could call this his home. He reached the roof and when he did, he went over to get ready to jump and he heard the men burst through the door to the roof. The held up their guns and got ready to shoot him. He closed his eyes and looked at his watch and then he just disappeared. When Reese opened his eyes, he was on top of the same building, but it was different, so is the town around him he did not move places but time. He moved into the future a few years. He looked at his watch and it started to adjust itself, he moved four years into the future. Reese is a special time traveler and the men that are after him are as well but they want Reese dead. Reese can move into the future and into the past. Moving into the past is hard sometimes because things change over decades like clothing and technology. Reese use to be apart of a group that protects time makes sure things happen the way it should go. Reese found out not only are they doing that, but they also control the amount of technology allowed to be released over time. Reese is helping get technology out there to help people.  
Wednesday, November 12, 2014
The kiss the act of love. The moment where time not only freezes around you, but almost does not excise. Kiss of passion between two people who are completely and underlie in love with each other and full of passion that they can’t stop. This happens when two people male, female, gay, straight, Bi. Love is love no matter who it is with and a kiss between two people is beautiful no matter who they are.  Love is confusing sometimes, but in the end it is one of the most amazing things we humans will know. So go on and keep kissing whoever you love there is nothing wrong with it.
Friday, November 7, 2014
You came into my life not expecting much but we grew on each other and my heart grown for you. We talk about everything and I soon liked our talks. Now you are gone absent in my life now. You made a place in my heart and now without you there is a hole. A hole which I don’t know what to do about. It is hard to talk to people about us but I must write to get it out of me. I fell hard for you something I hardly ever do. No since we can’t talk all I have to hold on to you is my memories but remembering you hurts. I guess I have to say good bye for now but I hope that we will people to meet and talk to each other again. 
Saturday, August 16, 2014
Tammy came home from school to hear the sounds of his parent's fighting. She was happy to tell her parents; she won two awards from school. When Tammy walked into her house, and the sound of her parents flooded the house. Tammy went into the kitchen where her parents were they stopped fighting, and she handed them the awards; she won that day at school. Tammy's dad and mother both looked at her. “Honey go to your room, your mother and I need to talk.” Her father says to her. Tammy hands them the papers and her father takes them and sets them down without even looking at them. He then points to Tammy's room to go to. Tammy turns and walks to her room with her head held down. She does not understand why they are mad she just won three awards at school today. When she closes her door, she hears her parents go back at fighting again. She gets on her bed and starts to cry. No matter what she do her parents fight either about money or something else. She feels as if it is all her fault that they are fighting.
“I wish I could go somewhere else and never hear them fight” She tells her stuffed bunny. Then she starts to see weird light coming from her closet. She sees light coming from the bought of the door arrange of all different colors. Then she starts to hear music coming from the door as well very soothing calming music. She got up and wanted to tell her parents about it, so she went to her bedroom door and looked out and her parents she yelled for them.
“Honey in a minute just play with your toys.” Her mother yelled at her. She closed her bedroom door and went over to her closet, which still had colorful light coming from underneath the door. She could hear the music coming from inside. She went to her bed and grabbed her bear and went to the closet door. When she touched the doorknob, a warm feeling came over her. She slowly opened the door and when it was fully open, she was looking at a field of flowers and a castle also she could see other kids running around having fun. She walked in, and she stepped foot into the flower field. Right behind her the door closed and disappeared.
Then a person in a bunny suit  came up to her and said, “Welcome young girl I will show you around this place of happiness. My name is Benny the Bunny” He took her hand and walked with her through the field of flowers. He showed her to all the children that was playing in the fields.
“I love this place but I need to go back home to my mom and dad.”
“This is your new home now.” He told her. She followed him as they headed to the castle.
After her parents stopped fighting they both thought it was way to quit in their daughter’s room, so they both went to her room to check on her. She was not in her bed, and the closet door was closed. They went to open the closet to see if she was hiding in there. When they opened it, a very bad potent smell came out and on the floor was tons of dead flowers and a mask of a bunny. The father quickly dialed the police. The mother bends down trying not to gag from the smell and picks up the bunny’s head on the inside of the head is a name. “Benny the Bunny” she says out loud. Then a cold breeze out of nowhere feels the room. The father tries to take a picture of the head, but his phone dies before he could take a picture. The mother was so much pain not knowing where her daughter is she busted out crying and sobbing for her daughter. When the police arrived, they also tried to take a picture of the mask but their cameras all went dead or malfunction. After a day, the head disappeared, and they still could not take a single picture of the head.

Tammy is still playing in the field of flowers and enjoying herself and having lots of fun with her new friends.
Wednesday, July 9, 2014
When Sam got home, he went to his office. He had a long day at work, and he had a bad headache. He picked up a glass and poured a small amount of brandy into it and took a sip. He sat down in his chair to relax. Then he heard a loud crash and a bang coming from upstairs. He quickly got up and left his office to see what it was. His first thought was his wife Susan must have left their bedroom window open again. He walked up the stairs with his glass of brandy in his hand and went to his bedroom and open the door sure enough he saw the window was wide open he took a step in and heard some glass shatter under his shoe. He turned on the light and when he did his glass fell out of his hand and shattered against the hardwood floor. There was blood all over the room on the walls and the ceiling a body that had no face was all cut up. He then saw movement near the bed it was a little girl about six or seven her hands were covered in blood, and her yellow dress was covered in blood as well. “I tried to play doctor, but she died.” Then a clown stepped out of the bathroom; the clown was covered in blood as well his chest was bleeding. They took a step toward Sam and he backwards and turned and ran downstairs and out the kitchen door. It was a dark night the moon was a quarter full, and the street lights were out. Sam ran in the middle of the road yelling for help. He ran as fast as he could, and he could hear the little girl and clown running after him. He ran towards a gas station which was empty, which was weird, but he just needed a hone to use to call his wife and the police. He found a phone behind the counter and dialed his wife's number first. A wave of relief came over him as he heard the phone ringing. Then he heard his wife's voice answer the phone.
“Oh Susan it’s you. Don’t go home and call the police.”
“What who is this?”
“Susan it’s me Sam. I was being chased by some weird clown and a little girl.”
“This is not funny who ever this is. My husband died five years ago at our neighbor's birthday party. When a man shot him in the head and shot the clown in the chest. The girl died of poison that was in her food. This is sick you know that just sick and twisted joke. Call me again I will call the police on you.” Then she hung up the phone. Sam was at a birthday party today. Then he started to feel very cold, and a chill ran down his back. He felt as if someone was watching him. He looked right behind him was the little girl and the clown.
“Mr. Nutter’s is wondering if you would like to be our friend?” He looked at both of them now they were no longer covered in blood. The clown Mr. Nutter’s had a hole in his chest. He felt his head and right there on his forehead was a small hole. He started to tear up. “We did not mean to scare you.” Mr. Nutters shook his head and gave Sam a tissue.
“Where are we?” Sam asked with horror in is voice with a bit of worry and scared.
Sam stretched out in the branch in the tree on a hot summer day making sure he does not fall. He sits there listening to music trying to escape from reality. The tree is deep in the woods where most people can’t find of him. He found out his parents are getting a divorce. So much has happened, he had to run out of his house and run into the woods at a local park.

His parents are at home worried sick about him and a few hours after they called the police and report him missing.

The boy in the tree wakes up and heads home when he gets there his parents are nowhere to be found. No lights are on in the house nothing. It is as if they just left and forgot all about him. He goes to his room and lays on his bed.

The parents are out hunting for their son, and the police and neighbors are helping the look. Someone says that they saw the boy in the park, so they all head to the park. When they get there they see no one but at the edge of the park, they see the boys bike.

The boy in the bed wakes up to a very bright light shining in his room. He can’t make it out, but he can tell that it is a person. The light deems, and the boy sees that it is his best friend standing there. Her hair was golden blonde and wearing a white gown. He get’s up off his bed and runs to her and gives her a hug. The girl could not speak, around her throat, he saw hand marks.

The police dog starts to bark, and the parents run to where the dog is barking and there under the tree lays the boy. His mother runs to him screaming and so does his father. And then off, in the distance, the police found the father of the boy’s friend digging a hole and found his best friend’s body. The parents start crying as the police call for an ambulance to come to the park.

The boy gives his best friend a hug and starts to cry she starts to cry as well. They don’t want to let go of each other. The girl then says, “It is not your time to go where I am going. Your parents need you here. I will watch over you.” The girl kisses him, and the light around her starts to get bright until the boy has to close his eyes. The boy jolts up as he in the ambulance as they were about to pronounce him dead.

“Dad and mom I love you. My friend is here.” He looks at his parents, and he sees his friend sitting next to his dad; she is transparent.

By: Jerome Simar
Tuesday, July 8, 2014
There comes a time where you must look at your life and judge rather you or happy with what you are doing or change and become someone who you want to be. Change is never easy but sometimes it can be the best decision for you.

Then there is also a time in life for you to become someone and show others who you are and rise out from the dark and become something others thought you would have never become. So let change come into your life and see where it takes you.

By: Jerome Simar