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Tuesday, July 8, 2014
Kate was standing on the roof on the skyscraper looking down at the traffic hoping her life would get better. She had a black rose in one hand and a red one in the other. She was shivering from the cold wind blowing on her back and the snow falling from the sky. Her hair was blowing in the wind. Then she dropped the red rose and watched fall from her hands and to the ground. No one seem to notice that she was on the roof of the building. The teardrop from her eye fell onto the black rose, and then she dropped it. She was trying so hard to hold her tears back, but she couldn't. She felt like a freak of nature, and she knew once people start to know about her secret then she will be made fun of, and it will never stop. She took a step closer to the ledge. Then she jumped off with no fear only sadness for what she is. Then moments before she hit the ground, she took off her over shirt and made her wings come out and flew off into the cold moonlight. No one, not a single soul seemed to notice. She flew off to somewhere anywhere but her city.

By: Jerome Simar