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Wednesday, July 9, 2014
When Sam got home, he went to his office. He had a long day at work, and he had a bad headache. He picked up a glass and poured a small amount of brandy into it and took a sip. He sat down in his chair to relax. Then he heard a loud crash and a bang coming from upstairs. He quickly got up and left his office to see what it was. His first thought was his wife Susan must have left their bedroom window open again. He walked up the stairs with his glass of brandy in his hand and went to his bedroom and open the door sure enough he saw the window was wide open he took a step in and heard some glass shatter under his shoe. He turned on the light and when he did his glass fell out of his hand and shattered against the hardwood floor. There was blood all over the room on the walls and the ceiling a body that had no face was all cut up. He then saw movement near the bed it was a little girl about six or seven her hands were covered in blood, and her yellow dress was covered in blood as well. “I tried to play doctor, but she died.” Then a clown stepped out of the bathroom; the clown was covered in blood as well his chest was bleeding. They took a step toward Sam and he backwards and turned and ran downstairs and out the kitchen door. It was a dark night the moon was a quarter full, and the street lights were out. Sam ran in the middle of the road yelling for help. He ran as fast as he could, and he could hear the little girl and clown running after him. He ran towards a gas station which was empty, which was weird, but he just needed a hone to use to call his wife and the police. He found a phone behind the counter and dialed his wife's number first. A wave of relief came over him as he heard the phone ringing. Then he heard his wife's voice answer the phone.
“Oh Susan it’s you. Don’t go home and call the police.”
“What who is this?”
“Susan it’s me Sam. I was being chased by some weird clown and a little girl.”
“This is not funny who ever this is. My husband died five years ago at our neighbor's birthday party. When a man shot him in the head and shot the clown in the chest. The girl died of poison that was in her food. This is sick you know that just sick and twisted joke. Call me again I will call the police on you.” Then she hung up the phone. Sam was at a birthday party today. Then he started to feel very cold, and a chill ran down his back. He felt as if someone was watching him. He looked right behind him was the little girl and the clown.
“Mr. Nutter’s is wondering if you would like to be our friend?” He looked at both of them now they were no longer covered in blood. The clown Mr. Nutter’s had a hole in his chest. He felt his head and right there on his forehead was a small hole. He started to tear up. “We did not mean to scare you.” Mr. Nutters shook his head and gave Sam a tissue.
“Where are we?” Sam asked with horror in is voice with a bit of worry and scared.