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Wednesday, July 9, 2014
Sam stretched out in the branch in the tree on a hot summer day making sure he does not fall. He sits there listening to music trying to escape from reality. The tree is deep in the woods where most people can’t find of him. He found out his parents are getting a divorce. So much has happened, he had to run out of his house and run into the woods at a local park.

His parents are at home worried sick about him and a few hours after they called the police and report him missing.

The boy in the tree wakes up and heads home when he gets there his parents are nowhere to be found. No lights are on in the house nothing. It is as if they just left and forgot all about him. He goes to his room and lays on his bed.

The parents are out hunting for their son, and the police and neighbors are helping the look. Someone says that they saw the boy in the park, so they all head to the park. When they get there they see no one but at the edge of the park, they see the boys bike.

The boy in the bed wakes up to a very bright light shining in his room. He can’t make it out, but he can tell that it is a person. The light deems, and the boy sees that it is his best friend standing there. Her hair was golden blonde and wearing a white gown. He get’s up off his bed and runs to her and gives her a hug. The girl could not speak, around her throat, he saw hand marks.

The police dog starts to bark, and the parents run to where the dog is barking and there under the tree lays the boy. His mother runs to him screaming and so does his father. And then off, in the distance, the police found the father of the boy’s friend digging a hole and found his best friend’s body. The parents start crying as the police call for an ambulance to come to the park.

The boy gives his best friend a hug and starts to cry she starts to cry as well. They don’t want to let go of each other. The girl then says, “It is not your time to go where I am going. Your parents need you here. I will watch over you.” The girl kisses him, and the light around her starts to get bright until the boy has to close his eyes. The boy jolts up as he in the ambulance as they were about to pronounce him dead.

“Dad and mom I love you. My friend is here.” He looks at his parents, and he sees his friend sitting next to his dad; she is transparent.

By: Jerome Simar